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Did you know that mounting fire place mantel shelves or borders without appropriate clearance from the fireplace opening can be a dangerous fire danger? It can cause damage and injury, or even worse. Many applications (wood-burning, gas sustained, or electric) emit warmth from the front of the firebox, along the sides, up over the fire place opening, and also down towards the fireplace as well as flooring area.

A non-combustible product (floor tile, marble, rock, concrete, and so on) is additionally required to be mounted between the fire place opening and also your mantel. Many fireplace mantel shelves and also borders are constructed from wood. As you can picture, this product is flammable, so it is very essential that the appropriate clearance is applied and also maintained.

These policies remain in location to protect life and also building, and also to prevent producing hazardous scenarios that lead to a fire. In the lack of codes, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Organization) very recommends complying with the standards established by the National Fire Code and/or the National/Standard Structure Codes. Fire place Doors Online puts the safety and security of our clients first, as well as we're here to give you a heads up on the fire place mantel clearance to combustibles concern so that you can enjoy your fire place risk-free! This statute specifies that any kind of combustible material (such as a wood mantel surround or rack) must go to the very least 6 inches from the fire place opening.

For instance: If a 3/8" of trim protrudes over the bulk of the mantel-- you would certainly need 9 inches of clearance from the firebox, minimum. When mounting a mantel rack, do not neglect to make up any type of braces or corbels when determining for the proper clearance! Masonry-Built Fireplaces All combustible mantel borders as well as racks need to be kept at the very least 12 inches from the opening of your fire place (top as well as sides).

For instance: If your side panels protruded 2 inches from the facing, an additional 2 inches of clearance will be required from the fire place open up to the sides of the mantel assembly. When installing a Factory-Built Fireplaces All factory-built/prefab/zero-clearance applications must be testing-agency listed as well as installed based on the company's requirements.

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( If you do not have a guidebook, get in touch with the supplier.) Commonly, "zero-clearance" implies that the fireplace is recessed into the wall. Timber or mounting can be set up limited against the shielded firebox. Nonetheless, a few of these prefab applications have instructions or labels that purely need a 1/2 inch clearance to specific materials.

Rustica Hardware's striking choice of mantels in a selection of finishes. We also supply customized mantels to suit your style as well Additional resources as fit your area's dimensions. +Rustica.

The addition of a mantel can substantially enhance the appearance of any kind of fire place in addition to include a focal point to a room. Mantel sets can be bought to create the appropriate search for the fire place, or mantels can be created and set up with relative simplicity. Using a few easy devices, you can mount a mantel kit without too much problem.

Over the years I have actually built thousands of fireplace mantels. I'm commonly asked: What is the regular and also safest range in between the mantle piece and also fireplace? GUIDELINE (thinking about the mantel is wood) The most usual measurement is to place it 12 ″ above the top of the fireplace system, as well as for every extra inch that the rack protrudes out, add an extra inch.

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After that for each one inch distance far from package, add an inch to the depth. Instance: a 6 ″ projection would be 18 ″ above the opening. 2 typical distances that I've functioned with are to position the top of the mantel concerning 55 to 65 inches above the flooring and attempt to complete with a mantel rack depth of 8-- 12 inches.

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( constantly speak to a licensed as well as insured specialist to style and also build your mantel and fireplace trim) 2009 IRC BUILDING ORDINANCE (talk to your local and state structure division) Subjected combustible mantels or trim may be placed straight on the masonry fire place front bordering the fireplace opening giving such flammable materials are not placed within 6 inches (152 mm) of a fire place opening.

(Source Code) Panty hose Were Hung With Treatment Keep Christmas time safe. Usage excellent judgement and also don't hang Christmas stockings straight in front of the firebox. To reduce the possibility of harmful conditions (considering you have a pre-fab system) consider keeping the wire mesh pulled shut while you have the fire place working.

DO NOT location your Christmas Tree near your fire place, whether the fireplace is pre-fab or job developed. Dry ache needles are ideal kindling and will quickly ignite. Also, never ever ever reduced up your tree and also shed it in the fireplace. Published in Mantel.